ITAD Solutions

ReturnCenter ITAD solutions can help you get more business and create happier customers.

Let ReturnCenter and its ServiceNow Apps be the bridge between you and your customers who use ServiceNow.

If your customer uses ServiceNow to monitor and track IT hardware use across their organization, the ReturnCenter apps can help them manage the decommissioning of IT hardware, with you as their ITAD.

Your customers may be frustrated with leaving ServiceNow to manage shipment and asset details at end of life. With ReturnCenter, you can provide visibility into their shipments to your facilities and automate asset-level updates directly in ServiceNow. This streamlined digital connection reduces your customers’ workload, reduces reliance on email and spreadsheets, and makes it easy to work with your organization.


What is ReturnCenter?

ReturnCenter is a full-service platform that provides a streamlined way to schedule and manage technology equipment returns, from single items to large-scale pickups. ReturnCenter and all of its functionality is available as an app for ServiceNow users, enabling hardware asset managers to schedule, track and report on transportation of hardware assets right within the ServiceNow platform.

Traditionally used by IT and HR teams to schedule IT asset pickups at end of life or lease, ReturnCenter is now available as an ITAD solution to fulfill these disposal requests for their customers using ServiceNow. ITADs can automate their customers’ disposition process, embedding themself as the destination at end of life.

For IT Asset Disposition Providers

ReturnCenter enables ITADs to provide logistics visibility and document access to ServiceNow users.

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Additional benefits for your end customer:

Partnering with ReturnCenter means aligning with a trusted and proven IT returns solution provider. Offer your clients a connection to a global integrated reverse logistics platform to close the loop on their IT lifecycle and increase their loyalty.

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