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Our passion for the circular economy extends beyond the business world. The ReturnCenter consumer device return service allows individuals to responsibly recycle old electronics and contribute to a good cause at the same time.

Simply tell us what devices you’d like to recycle, where to send your pre-paid return envelope, and choose your charity. We’ll send you an envelope and return label, ready for you to drop in your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, and send back through the US Postal Service. Once we receive it back, your device will be properly recycled, or if it still has life left, will be data wiped and resold with any remaining value donated to the charity you chose.

Takeback Envelope

Individual mobile phone, laptop. or tablet recycling and donation. Try it out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know if you can include your charging cords or original packaging? Does it matter how old your device is? How many devices can you send at a time? Find answers to these and other common questions in our ReturnCenter Consumer FAQs.

ReturnCenter Consumer Recycling Partners

ReturnCenter has partnered with leading companies that are experienced in environmentally responsible recycling. Every partner is R2 certified, which assures the highest data security standards are used. Mobile phones, tablets, and laptops are recycled in accordance with the highest standards, or data-wiped and resold if possible.

ReturnCenter’s Sustainability Commitment

Ourr commitment to sustainability extends to every ReturnCenter shipment, as every service ordered on is 100% carbon neutral. In addition, the impacts of this program are designed not only to prevent hazardous e-waste from entering landfills, but also to resupply contentious precious metals to the circular economy, while uplifting communities through support of locally and nationally recognized charities.

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