ServiceNow Integration

The ReturnCenter app from Onepak was developed for ServiceNow users who need to move assets with a transparent chain of custody. ReturnCenter enables ServiceNow users to schedule, track and report on carbon neutral transportation of hardware assets for disposition, lease return, redeployment or off-boarding from within ServiceNow!



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The ReturnCenter app enables users to order trackable transportation for any number of assets. Whether it is a disposition, lease return, or redeployment, ReturnCenter provides carbon neutral pickup and delivery services in every US zip code.

Users of the ReturnCenter App

Key Features

5 Star Customer Review

“I’ve been utilizing this solution in my live environment for several months now, and the experience has been seamless and rewarding. The setup and configuration process is straightforward, making it accessible for teams of any size. What stands out is the responsiveness and accessibility of the {Onepak} team. Additionally, their pricing structure is competitive, offering great value. For small or large IT teams, or any group seeking a robust solution for shipping and recovering assets, especially one that integrates seamlessly with Snow Asset Management, this is a solution worth considering.”

Information Technology Manager, NEP Broadcasting

ReturnCenter for ServiceNow Use Cases

  1. A company has remote workers across the United States. When employees are offboarded, the Human Resources department uses ReturnCenter in ServiceNow to recover employee equipment. HR has access to one service, Boxes and Labels, and all shipments are billed to the HR department. The remote employee address is entered, a box and label are sent to collect the laptop, and the destination is automatically set to be sent to their IT department or vendor.
  2. An IT asset manager needs to manage different types of equipment returns that are billed to different billing parties. She can create a program for lease returns that is billed to her company’s Operations division, and she can have a different program to book shipments to an IT asset disposition provider that will be billed to that partner as part of their existing agreement.
  3. In order to maximize their investments, a healthcare organization moves equipment between hospitals as one hospital’s need for a device decreases and another’s need increases. The hospital administrator can move assets from one hospital to another and bill the appropriate organization.

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