Quick & Easy

Quick & Easy Recycling with ReturnCenter

Recycling your old mobile phone, tablet or laptop with ReturnCenter is quick and easy. Enter your details and we’ll mail you a padded return envelope and pre-paid label. Insert your device(s), apply the return label and send it back through the US Postal Service. Your junk drawer is closer to nirvana and you just did the planet a favor!

The choice is simple:

  1. Your old devices can continue gathering dust and clogging your space with clutter, OR
  2. You can do good by recycling your equipment, extending its usefulness in the world, and contributing its valuable materials back into the circular economy

Is that really a choice?  Choose to do good.

Worldwide issues created by e-waste can feel insurmountable. We know that mining for materials pollutes the environment and poisons communities. We agree that improper disposal of equipment is unsightly and wasteful. With one small act, by choosing ReturnCenter, you can make a difference.  If you spread the word, we can combine our efforts and make a real impact on the environment and on communities.  Learn more about ReturnCenter’s commitment to sustainability. 

Get started on your quick and easy recycling.