Shipping Solutions Designed for the Reverse Supply Chain

ReturnCenter streamlines the process of moving electronics once they are in your asset pool. Maybe it’s the right shipping kit to recover that single laptop from a remote employee. You could need a reliable platform to manage and track lease returns. Or perhaps you need professionals onsite armed with the right training, technology and packing expertise to ship a whole office or data center.

The ReturnCenter platform integrates you with your asset management systems, shippers, and your reverse supply chain vendors. Your dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of the status of all your IT shipments, and details and reports are only a click away. Plus, ReturnCenter is 100% carbon neutral.

Lease and Equipment Returns

Simplify your end-of-lease return process, get asset-level tagging, delivery notifications, and close out your lease records on time with an easy, automated process.

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Asset Disposition and Recycling

In addition to a complete chain of custody, choose onsite packing, asset-level tagging, reports and analytics to report on sustainability metrics.

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Employee Asset Recovery

Order shipping kits and labels, schedule pickups from any zip code, track parcels and safely move equipment to/from remote employees. No FedEx or UPS account required.

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Most Requested Shipper Services

ReturnCenter offers an incredible selection of services to make your experience perfect. These are just some of our most requested services. Contact us for more information.


More than a decade ago, Onepak pioneered the first national IT asset handler certification program. We learned along the way that simply providing an online training course is just one piece of the puzzle. We built on that foundation over time to create support tools and processes that continue to engage drivers and their crews, and adapt as the asset mix and procedures evolve. No one has a longer, stronger track record of training onsite crews than Onepak.


The Onepak Mobile App reliably tracks each item through the recovery process, from customer to recovery partner, with uniquely numbered asset tags. This tool allows drivers to schedule deliveries, accept appointments, track updates, and integrate receiving functions that include asset-level tracking and photo documentation of each pallet. Our technology can synthesize complex takeback program data and report results in formats that serve your needs for resourcing, inventory, internal cost control and compliance with state and national regulations.


Onepak technology provides real-time tracking, confirms delivery at the destination, and provides management reports for reconciling and confirming asset recovery project completion. This accountability tool provides the data transparency, resource planning opportunity, and performance tracking advantage your company needs to reach its productivity goals.


When you need to know how many of each asset type were picked up, who signed for them, and when they were delivered, you can count on Onepak reporting. You can also track the carbon footprint and emissions that were offset to make each shipment carbon neutral.

Outstanding Customer Experience

The key to continuous improvement of any process is to gather data and build that into a feedback loop. New knowledge fuels improvement. That is what we do with customer survey data after each pickup. We measure the performance of every driver and every local partner, and let that inform our training strategy to ensure consistency for every service in every market.

When you need to ship office or computer equipment back to your headquarters, a leasing company, remarketer, or disposition vendor, choose the proven integrated processes of ReturnCenter.