Give your customers a private online Return Center… give yourself more control

ReturnCenter gives enterprise companies a professional, branded online presence for your customers to schedule shipments to your facilities. While they use the customer-friendly dashboard, you have visibility and control of the process on your own console. Whether your customers are returning one package or truckloads of freight, you enjoy a consistent return process that you can set and forget.

Leasing companies, OEMs and other large organizations, retailers and e-tailers, IT asset disposition companies…any organization with employee or customer returns can use ReturnCenter to streamline and scale up their returns process while increasing visibility and control. Ship items from anywhere to anywhere for any purpose.

Entry-level subscriptions are free so get started today!

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Sign up and configure your custom ReturnCenter in minutes. Start improving your customer experience while refining your operational efficiency with a consistent, digitized return process based on your corporate standards. Customer service calls and email volume will decrease, and customer satisfaction will increase. Your organization will know what is being shipped to you before it arrives, enabling you to proactively stay on top of your reverse logistics. From lease returns to retail returns, ReturnCenter puts you in the driver’s seat of your return stream.


Technology-based Platform

The ReturnCenter platform is based on best practices learned from Onepak’s time-tested proven experience building custom reverse logistics websites for enterprise customers. The platform was built from the ground up with all the features and functionality you need to easily manage your returns stream. Use ReturnCenter to manage and monitor your customer activity, logistics tracking and partner performance.

Access dynamic, user-friendly dashboards to easily track chain of custody and run analytics and reports, all within the scope of your own rules and standards. Plus, setup is a breeze and we offer different subscription levels and options to meet your needs.

Configuration Functions Management Options Perks
Private returns page Track items in transit Destination management dashboard Complete chain of custody
Return method settings Onsite packing and bar code tagging services Returns management dashboard Trained logistics workforce in every state
Routing rules Detailed inventory reporting User management dashboard Operational support team
Returns automation rules Advance Ship Notifications (ASN) Expected vs. actual analysis Mobile friendly platform
Billing and revenue sharing options Delivery notifications Analytics & reports 100% carbon neutral
Sustainability reporting (coming soon!)

How we can help your customers

Business Processes

High-touch customer service starts with an online site survey, followed up by real people scheduling pickups at the customer’s convenience. When there is onsite packing to do, we let the pickup location contact know the crew is on their way and call while they are there to make sure all is well. We certify every crew, confirm every driver and check to be sure they have the right materials to do the job right—every time.

Technology Ecosystem

Onepak is a technology platform company that specializes in reverse logistics, not a logistics company with some technology. The ecosystem we have created consists of a platform that connects every stakeholder in an equipment return process, an online certification system for dispatchers, warehouse staff and drivers, a mobile app for onsite project management, customer surveys to feed performance data back into our operational processes, and an operations system that ensures consistent processes for each service offering.

Logistics Partner Training

We recruit and train the most dedicated local partners to pack, pick up and transport your equipment. Everyone working on your pickup, from the dispatcher and warehouse staff to the driver and crew, has been trained using our proprietary online training series. You can be assured that your pickup crew understands how to identify the different types of IT equipment they may encounter, how to apply tracking tags, how to properly pack them and palletize them, and how to use our mobile app to manage the process while onsite at your location. Our professional partners have the knowledge, experience, and the technology to start working efficiently upon arrival.

Choose your services

Easily schedule the services you need in ReturnCenter. Choose onsite packing, asset-level tagging, reports and analytics to report on sustainability metrics.

Get started today and build a corporate return center that works for you!

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