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Easily manage your Return Authorizations and return stream

ReturnCenter provides leasing organizations a simple way to manage your equipment returns stream. Ditch the spreadsheets, back-and-forth emails and customer questions. ReturnCenter’s full-service platform can send your Return Authorizations, track your customers’ activity, manage receiving partners and processes, and provide complete visibility into your returns stream, all within your configurable business rules. And your customers have access to affordable, reliable transportation services.

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ReturnCenter gives you a professional, private online presence for your lease return process. Our experienced customer service team handles notifications, customer questions and all your reporting, giving you back valuable time. You have visibility and control of the process on your own dashboard where you can check in at your convenience. Whether your customers are scheduled to return one package or truckloads of freight, you enjoy a consistent return process that you can set and forget. Get your branded return URL now!

How it Works

Lease data is imported or routinely pulled into ReturnCenter. Your business rules determine return routing to your remarketing partners and we can geo-route for the lowest carbon footprint. Return Authorizations are emailed to customers automatically with a link to your ReturnCenter. Customers click through to access available options including last chance equipment purchase, opt out to keep their leased assets or use ReturnCenter pack and ship services to return their equipment. Each step of their return journey is fully visible on your dashboard.

Get ReturnCenter and enjoy a process that is…


Direct your customers to your private online ReturnCenter where they will find a standardized dashboard to handle their RAs. All assets and dates are documented on the site. All processes are governed by a standard set of business rules that you manage.


Let automation scale your returns without adding headcount. By moving the Return Authorization process out of Outlook emails and into an automated platform, a small team can manage thousands of returns a month.


For certain services and asset types, onsite audits are performed using digital scanning at pickup by trained and certified IT asset handlers. All scanned asset information is viewable online, and you can view proof of pickup and proof of returns.

Reporting includes

Customer Friendly

The easy online dashboard keeps your customers happy and professional scanning and packing reduces asset condition discrepancies and customer conflict.


Complete asset-level documentation provides for internal and regulatory compliance.

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Leasing service companies use ReturnCenter for an easy-to-manage, professional way to handle lease returns.

With just a few clicks, you’ll be on your way to your own branded return center.

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