Employee Asset Returns

The Employee Returns program implements a standardized, central platform for your employees to return their IT equipment to you. Ideal for remote employees or those in a satellite office, this is a turnkey, self-service solution that includes shipping kits, fulfillment, outbound kit shipment and return shipping. And of course you have complete visibility and tracking on your ReturnCenter dashboard.

Once you set up your shipping destinations, carrier, and other preferences in the platform, your employee simply completes a quick online form and a shipping kit is sent to them within one business day. Their shipping kit will include commercial grade packaging (reusable laptop kit coming soon!), a pre-addressed return label and the option for at-home or at-office pickup.

Use this program for mobile phones, laptops, desktop CPUs, printers, even servers. ReturnCenter has helped our clients manage the return of all of these assets and more.

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